Tooting My Own Horn – My Novel Listed in Wikipedia.

List of ASA Memoirs and Novels in Wikipedia article on the Army Security Agency:

#1 Code Break Boy: Communications Intelligence in the Korean War (memoir) by John Milmore (2002). ASA in Korea.

C Trick: Sort of a Memoir (memoir) by Don Cooper (2000). An ASA German linguist in Berlin in the mid-1960s.

Dress Rehearsals: The Education of a Marginal Writer (memoir) by Charles Deemer (2004). While primarily about his life as a writer, it has two chapters on his life as an ASA linguist who learned Russian at ALS (the predecessor to DLI) in the late 1950s, he then served a tour in Germany at Baumholder in the early 1960s. The rest of the book is about how he went on to become “like a man without a country: a writer without readers.”

Lübeck: A Wonderful Moment in Time (memoir) by Don E. Johnson (2004). An ASA ditty bopper at the border site in Lübeck in the mid-1950s.

One to Count Cadence (novel) by James Crumley (1969). ASA in Vietnam.

Potsdam Mission: Memoir of a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer in Communist East Germany (memoir) by James R. Holbrook (2008). While primarily about USMLM, there is a very good chapter on the life of an ASA Russian linguist in Berlin.

Soldier Boy: At Play in the ASA (memoir) by Timothy James Bazzett (2008). An ASA ditty bopper in Turkey and in Germany in the mid-1960s.

Stay Safe, Buddy (novel) by J. Charles Cheek (2003). ASA in Korea.

Top Secret Missions by John E. Malone (2006). ASA in Vietnam.

Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary (novel) by T.H.E. Hill (2008). An ASA Russian linguist in Berlin ostensibly in the mid-1950s, but closer in reality to the mid-1970s.

TANS by John Klawitter (2002). A collection of short stories written by members of the ASA who served in Southeast Asia recollecting their experiences.