STAY SAFE, BUDDY (A Story of Humor and Horror During the Korean War)


Promised by a recruiter that he will not ve in the infantry and therefore is unlikely to be sent to the war zone, insteat of being drafted for 2-years, 19-year old John Lefter enlists for a 3-year hitch in the Army Security Agency and, as you might guess, ends up in the Korean War. At first, Lefter has a “candy ass” assignment 30 miles behind the fighting area. He breaks down after his foul mouth buddy is hit with burp gun fire while saving Lefter’s life. In the hospital psychiatry ward, his recovery is aided dramatically by an innovative doctor and the only man he has ever hated. Back on the front line and atop the bunker celebrating the cease-fire that has just begun, Lefter is again confronted with a shocking incident that takes him over fifty years to find closure.

NOTE: See for a digital copy of this novel for only $2.99 (the printed version is no longer available).