Who is the Dumb One? You Decide.

I have done some thinking and research on a video being forwarded around with the claim that Senator Reid is the “Dumbest man in the Senate.” (The video link is in the text of the subject email shown following my comments)

The email conveniently overlooks Senator Reid saying in the video that if you don’t pay your taxes you are “subject to civil and criminal penalty.” The choice is yours.

Embedded taxes, gas tax for example, are not voluntary in that you do not have a choice to pay or not pay. In order to get the gas you must pay the tax that is embedded in the price.

However, tax on income is not an embedded tax and can be ignored either fully, or partially as is done by some. Those who partially ignore some of their income that is legally taxable often get away with it. Reporting all taxable income is voluntary. We all know people who cheat and not report income that can’t be tracked – usually cash income from unrecorded transactions.

Finally, the obvious point of the interview is to belittle Senator Reid. Here is some key information on the man being belittled:

Parade Magazine, the nation’s largest weekly magazine, identified Senator Reid as one of a handful of leaders in Washington with “integrity and guts.”

Since Nevadans elected him to the Senate in 1986, Harry Reid has developed a reputation as a consensus builder and a skillful legislator. Even his Republican colleagues praise his reasoned, balanced approach.

Senate Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has said, “We all respect Senator Reid. He is one of the moderate voices around here who tries to get things to work.”

And former GOP Leader Trent Lott said, “Harry Reid is out there finding a solution. I enjoy working with him very much.”

Who is the guy that does this interview anyway? If he isn’t a Limbaugh clone, he sure is idiotic enough to qualify.

Dumbest Man In the Senate: You Can’t Cure Stupid!

Just watch in disbelief as Harry Reid literally makes an idiot out of himself!

And, he is the Democratic Leader in the US Senate!!