Top 20 current stories on email claims that need verification as true or false.

The Internet is many things both positive and negative. It is a window to the world of the bad and good of people. If P.T. Barnum was still alive he would have to update his famous quote, “There is a sucker born every minute.” The birth rate of suckers has not only expanded because of population growth but the Internet has multiplied access to many millions of suckers since Barnum’s day. Suckers are loosing their life savings to scams originating via the Internet. Other suckers are believing email stories that play on their sympathies, biases and fears. How to counter this negative influence of modern fast paced communication technology is available to those who want it. The title of this piece refers to one website that is dedicated to checking out Internet claims. The site is: You can even sign up at this site to get email updates on the latest email claims being forwarded around the Internet. Check it out, it just might save you money, embarrasment or both.