Health Care Cost in Korea

Considering the furious debate in Congress and guerilla tactics being used publically in attacks on Democratic members of Congress, I’m reposting this on today’s date as it may be of interest as a bit of information on health care in Korea.

Korean Health Care Costs

Tue May 13, 2008 8:26 pm (PDT) (Note: The following is the text of an email sent by the son of a friend of mine. The son is a U.S. citizen teaching in Korea)

I thought you might find this interesting.I went to the Sokcho hospital for my health check-up today.It consisted of:1) Blood test for HIV/AIDS2) Urine test for drugs3) Full chest x-ray for pneumonia/TB4) Height/weight/vision/blood pressure checksIt cost a whopping $50.00…and I don’t have insurance yet. How much would that run in the states?Take care, Matthew”

PS: Another teacher just called me — he won’t be at work today as he has pneumonia. Doctor visit — $3.00, Antibiotics and a huge bottle of codeine — $7.60. I love Korea…we so get hosed in the states, Matthew”

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