Healthcare for Seniors – Livid pro and Livid con

I posted a piece on a blog of Veterans of the Army Security Agency that received a heated response from one fellow who took it personally. I expect that he is one of the core 17 percent of the GOP that will, as one told me, “vote Republican even if they run the Devil.” Here is my post followed by his response:

Healthcare for Seniors

Here’s what a crusty old 80+ year old lady, Helen Philpot, wrote about the subject on her blog at

Margaret, I haven’t laughed so hard since Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Palin. A few thousand white folks called in sick to work last week so they could parade
around the nation’s capital on Saturday and Fox News declares a revolution is underway. My goodness. I don’t know which is more sad – the fact that they
couldn’t spell half the words written on their illegible signs or that they all left their white hoods at home. Bring the hippies back. Their protests were
much more entertaining.

Just to give you some perspective:

1925 – Ku Klux Klan – 35,000 KKK members marched on Washington
1963 – March for Freedom with Martin Luther King – 250,000 marched
1969 – March to end the Vietnam War – 600,000 marched
1993 – Gay and Lesbian Rights – 800,000 marched
1995 – Million Man March – 600,000 marched
2004 – March for Women’s Lives (Pro-Choice) – over 1 million marched
2009 – Obama Inauguration – over 1 million celebrate
September 12, 2009 – Tea Party Hillbilly Rally – 78,000 marched but only 3 seemed to know what they were marching about.

I’ll tell you what Margaret. You would never know by watching Fox News that 78,000 racists marching on the nation’s capital was cause for concern. You
would think we were finally winning the war against the British. Of course, according to Harold’s television set, larger crowds gathered at dozens of
football games that day so what the hell do I care.

Let me just say something about the 9-12 Project. On September 12, 2001 everyone was an American. There were no Blue States and no Red States. There
were no Black Americans and no White Americans. There were no Europeans, no Asians, no Hispanics, no Africans… The world was standing with America against the evil that is terrorism. The globe was united like never before. And what did our President do when given that moment? He told us all to go shopping
while he and his buddies planned a war. And 8 years later the 9-12 project has been reduced to a movement of no Blacks, no Hispanics, no Asians… just 78,000
white people who can’t spell.

But it’s not really these 78,000 marchers that worry me. It’s the media that gives them so much attention. Did anyone else notice that when a million
Pro-Choice women marched on Washington and 50 nut-jobs stood on the corner mis-quoting the bible, it was the bible thumping nut-jobs getting more coverage
on the evening news? I mean 5 KKK members march down Main Street and the news crews out number the marchers 10 to 1.

69 million people voted for Barack Obama knowing full well that Universal Healthcare was a major issue in his campaign. 78,000 people marched on
Washington claiming that America has been stolen. Now I am not an expert, but I have to believe that fancy CNN map of John King’s should be able to figure out
that math.

The biggest problem facing America today isn’t the war, the economy, healthcare or even racism. The biggest threat to America is the lack of news coverage in
our newscasts. Honestly I don’t give a damn what LaToya Jackson thinks, what Paris Hilton ate, what Hillary Clinton is wearing or who Brad Pitt is dating.
And I especially don’t give a rat’s ass what 78,000 peckerwoods with too much time on their hands think about something as complicated as Universal

You know what would have been a good news story? How many of those yahoos marching last weekend actually have health insurance much less a full set of
teeth? Did anyone bother to ask that question?

It’s not news. It’s nonsense. Really. I mean it.

Re: [ASAbyINVITE] Healthcare for Seniors (Response)

Well, Mr. 80 year old. I truly do not want to be disrespectful, but the only thing I can agree on is the fact that the new coverage in this country is PISS POOR!. This is no lack of bias in any corner. All we hear about is the idiot Hollywood wannabees and other general bullshit.

Although you seem like you are sharp for your age, perhaps you simply dont have a good grasp on what is going on in this world. You see this country is now being run by a bunch of pabulum puking liberals who dont give a damn for their country. Most of them not only have not, but would not fight for their country or the right to keep it free. They want to ignore the nuclear threats of the rogue leaders of todays world. I doubt they would even wake up if we had another situation equal to 911. These are the same liberal people who believe in homosexual marriage and that criminals can be rehabilitated “if we only give them a chance”. These liberals will only become slightly conservative when their mother or sister or daughter is raped by a non-white person. Only then will they think that the bastard might have to go to jail.

Our publilc schools have gone to hell in a handbasket and are run by the teachers unions. Our factories have been moved to other countries because of the trade unions and the inability of corporations to compete with overseas manufacturers. The goods we are getting from these other countries in many cases is better that what we can make here, because the worker there who in some cases makes barely nothing care more about the end product than the people here who are making literally hundreds more times their salary.

Our Social Security is worth nothing because they are giving it to people who have not even worked. The politicians dont give us a Social Security cost of living raise because we are in a negative economy, yet they increase their personal operating budgets, the continue with their Top Line Cadilac insurance plans and they get full pay for life for very few years of service in many cases.

Where the hell have you been? Are you living in some kind of cave or vacuum? Perhap you have hardening of the arteries or something. You should get checked out..

Sorry Old Timer, but I served my time and you have PISSED ME OFF! I have been proud of this country. The leaders we have now ….. in the words of Billy Martin……. couldn’t be chief of a one man indian tribe. Frankly if it continues down this path I may be forced to find a better place to live. That would be a terible thing.

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