Dogs and Cats

True Story:
We had a three pound female Chihuahua named Midge for 17 years beginning in January 1961 when we obtained her at about age two. She had a big ego and enjoyed chasing off the next door cat whenever it wandered into our yard. On a sunny and warm Spring day that year Bev and I were standing in our driveway talking to the neighbor couple with Midge near us. She wandered into the neighbors open garage and we heard that angry phssing sound cats make and the yelping of Midge who came running toward us with the cat attached to her back with sharp claws. Seems the cat had newly born kittens stored in the garage. Midge’s ego was crushed and she hung out under the kitchen table shaking for hours and wouldn’t go outside withot being forced out the door.
Three or so years later we got Smokey as a barely weaned kitten whose mother was one-half Lynx. Midge’s ego had recovered and she would not let the tiny kitten drink milk from a saucer near her dog feeding bowl. Midge bullied Smokey and as a consequence the cat grew up fearing the little dog even though it outweighed Midge several times over and could have easily whipped her in a very short fight. However, Smokey had a couple of litters of kittens and Midge would not go near her while she was with the kittens. Even little dogs have big memories!

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